Jinxin Bi

Dr Jinxin Bi

Postgraduate Research Student

Academic and research departments

Advanced Technology Institute.


Mr. Jinxin Bi is a Ph.D. candidate at the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, United Kingdom. He received his bachelor of engineering (2015) and master of engineering (2018) from the University of Jinan, China. Mr. Bi is trained as a researcher with interdisciplinary backgrounds including material science, electrochemistry and microelectronics. His research now focuses on the novel electrochemical energy storage systems, integrated micro self-rechargeable devices, additive manufacturing of microelectronics and microwave dielectric ceramics. He applies various industrial and low-cost techniques in his research field, dedicated to translating engineering innovations into commercial applications. In his free time, Mr. Bi enjoys swimming, traveling, strategy games and trying out new things.



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