Dr Joanna Gough

Lecturer in Translation Studies
+44 (0)1483 682861
10 LC 03
Tuesday 9.30-10.30 am, Wednesday 10.00 -11.00 am


Areas of specialism

collaborative translation; translation process research; translation technologies; collaborative translation platforms; translation-oriented research activities; tools and resources for translators; individual differences; business and industry aspects of the translation profession

University roles and responsibilities

  • Industry liaison
  • Professional Engagement Portfolio
  • CTS Seminar Series
  • Employability and Careers Fair

    My qualifications

    MA English Philology
    Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
    MA Translation
    University of Surrey, UK
    PhD in Translation Studies
    University of Surrey, UK

    Affiliations and memberships

    ITI Professional Development Committee
    ITI PDC organises and provides training courses, workshops and other learning events that count towards members' CPD activities. The committee provides information and useful resources about career development.
    I have been a member of the ITI PDC for the last 10 years and have helped with the development of the CDP provision and writing for the ITI publications.
    ITI is an independent professional membership association for practising translators, interpreters and all those involved in supplying language services. It seeks to promote the highest standards in the profession, supporting our members and representing our industry at the very top level.

    I hold an academic ITI membership.


    Research interests


    Postgraduate research supervision




    Gough, J., Temizoz, Ö., Hieke, G., Zilio, L. (2023). Concurrent Translation on Collaborative Platforms. Translation Spaces. John Benjamins Publishing Company. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1075/ts.22027.gou

    Peer-reviewed articles

    • Gough, Joanna; Temizöz, Özlem (2023) Love it, hate it, tolerate it: Translators’ Experiences with Concurrent Translation on Collaborative Platforms. Cultus: The Journal of Intercultural Mediation and Communication, 16, 262-291.
    • Gough, Joanna (2023) Individual Variations in Information Behaviour of Professional Translators: Towards a Classification of Translation-oriented Research Styles. Translation Studies. Taylor and Francis Online. DOI: 10.1080/14781700.2023.2231933
    • Herbert, Sarah; Do Carmo, Félix; Gough, Joanna and Carnegie-Brown, Anu (2023) From responsibilities to responsibility: a study of the effects of translation workflow automation. JosTrans -  The Journal of Specialised Translation, Issue 40, 9-35.
    • Gough, Joanna; Temizöz, Özlem; Hieke, Graham and Zilio, Leonardo (2023) Concurrent Translation on Collaborative Platforms. Translation Spaces. John Benjamins Publishing, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1075/ts.22027.gou.
    • Singureanu, Diana; Hieke, Graham; Gough, Joanna & Braun, Sabine (2023) 'I am his extension in the courtroom': How court interpreters cope with the demands of video-mediated interpreting in hearings with remote defendants. In: Interpreting Technologies - Current and Future Trends, Gloria Corpas Pastor and Bart Defrancq (eds.). IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature 37, 72-108. John Benjamins Publishing Company
    • Gough, Joanna (2019) Developing translation-oriented research competence: what can we learn from professional translators? The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 13:3, 342-359, DOI: 10.1080/1750399X.2019.1656404.
    • Gough, Joanna. and Perdikaki, Katerina. (2018) Concurrent translation - reality or hype?, Translating and Computer 40 E-Proceedings, London, ASLING. 
    • Gough, Joanna. (2011) An empirical study of professional translators' attitudes, use and awareness of Web 2.0 technologies, and implications for the adoption of emerging technologies and trends. Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series, 10/2011 Themes in Translation Studies.

    Book chapter

    • Gough, Joanna (2018) Investigating the use of resources in the translation process, in Gloria Corpas Pastor and Isabel Durán Muñoz (eds.) Trends in e-tools and resources for translators and interpreters. Brill Publishing.

    PhD Thesis

    • Gough, Joanna (2016) The patterns of interaction between professional translators and online resources. PhD Thesis. University of Surrey.

    Journals/professional bodies articles

    Oral presentations

    • Gough, Joanna and Temizöz, Özlem (2023) 'How Collaborative is Concurrent Translation? Implications for professional Practice. Convergence Conference, Guildford, University of Surrey, 1-3 February 2023.
    • Gough, Joanna and Temizöz, Özlem (2022) 'How Collaborative is Concurrent Translation? Insights From a Survey of 804 Translators'. Translating and Computer 44 Conference, Luxembourg, 24-25 November 2022.
    • Gough, Joanna and Temizöz, Özlem (2022) 'Concurrent Translation using Collaborative Translation Technologies'. New Trends in Translation and Technology Conference, Rhodes, Greece, 4-6 July 2022.
    • Gough, Joanna (2019) 'Training not just linguists, but future leaders of the translation industry'. 2nd Annual APTIS Conference. Newcastle University, Newcastle.
    • Gough, Joanna (2019) 'Concurrent translation – implications for translation product, process and human translators', University of Leicester, 7 November 2019.
    • Gough, Joanna (2018) 'Teaching concurrent translation in a collaborative, cloud-based environment'. 1st Annual APTIS Conference, Aston University, Birmingham.
    • Gough. Joanna (2018) 'Translator Styles - do they exist and do they matter in the digital age?'. Translation Studies seminar series, University of Manchester.
    • Gough, Joanna and Perdikaki, Katerina (2018) 'Concurrent translation - reality or hype?'. Translating and Computer 40, London.
    • Gough, Joanna (2018) 'Translating in the era of digital innovation, automation and AI – opportunities and challenges'. FASS Research Festival, University of Surrey.
    • Gough, Joanna (2017) 'Resource types and research styles – the patterns of interaction between professional translators and online resources'. 8th International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Barcelona.
    • Gough, Joanna (2016), 'Investigating the ‘externalisation’ phenomenon - studying the patterns of reusing of the external data in the translation process. Next Generation Translation Tools Workshop, Swansea.
    • Gough, Joanna (2013) 'Patterns of interaction between professional translators and online resources. The importance of research in translation studies'. TriKonf2013, the Tri-national Translation Conference, Freiburg, Germany.
    • Gough, Joanna (2013) 'Web-based tools and resources for translation professionals'. Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting, Tarragona, Spain
    • Gough, Joanna (2013) 'Web-based tools for translators', ITI Infotech Network Seminar, London.
    • Gough, Joanna (2013) 'From translator's black box to translator's tool box. Patterns of interaction between the professional translators and on-line search tools and resources'. Poster presentation at the Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Surrey.
    • Gough, Joanna (2012) 'Tools and Resources for Translation Professionals'. The Translating and the Computer Conference 34, London. 
    • Gough, Joanna (2012) 'How can Semantic Web technologies enrich computer-based translation?'. Poster presentation at the Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Surrey.
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    • Gough, Joanna (2011) 'The Implications of Web 2.0 Technologies Based on Openness, Sharing and Collaboration for Professional Translators and their Future'. Poster presentation given at the ITI Conference based on MA Dissertation, Birmingham (Peer-reviewed).