Juliet Wilson

Juliet Wilson

Teaching Fellow in Nutritional Sciences
BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics; MSc Nutritional Medicine
+44 (0)1483 684559
38 AY 03


Areas of specialism

High Performance Sports Nutritionist; IBS and FODMAPS; Type 2 Diabetes ; Sports and Exercise Nutrition

My qualifications

Msc Nutritional Medicine
University of Surrey
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics RD
University of Surrey
High Performance Sports Nutritionist
The British Dietetic Association


R.-B Gerst, A Blazhev, N Warr, J Wilson, M Lebois, N Jovančević, D Thisse, R Canavan, Matthias Rudigier, D Étasse, E Adamska, P Adsley, A Algora, M Babo, K Belvedere, J Benito, G Benzoni, A Boso, S Bottoni, N Cieplicka-Oryńczak, M Bunce, R Chakma, S Courtin, M Cortés, P Davies, C Delafosse, M Fallot, B Fornal, L Fraile, D Gjestvang, A Gottardo, V Guadilla, G Häfner, K Hauschild, M Heine, C Henrich, I Homm, F Ibrahim, S Jazrawi, A Korgul, Ł Iskra, P Ivanov, P Koseoglou, T Kröll, T Kurtukian-Nieto, L Le Meur, S Leoni, J Ljungvall, A Lopez-Martens, R Lozeva, I Matea, K Miernik, J Nemer, S Oberstedt, W Paulsen, M Piersa, Y Popovitch, C Porzio, L Qi, D Ralet, P Regan, D Reygadas-Tello, K Rezynkina, V Sánchez-Tembleque, C Schmitt, P.-A Söderström, C Sürder, G Tocabens, V Vedia, D Verney, B Wasilewska, J Wiederhold, M Yavachova, F Zeiser, S Ziliani (2020)Prompt and delayed $\gamma$ spectroscopy of neutron-rich $^{94}$Kr and observation of a new isomer, In: Physical review. C, Nuclear physics102(6)064323 American Physical Society

Prompt and delayed γ-ray spectroscopy of the neutron-rich 94Kr was performed, as part of the fission campaign at the ALTO facility of the IPN Orsay, using the fast-neutron-induced fission reaction 238U(n,f) in combination with the ν-Ball array, a novel hybrid γ spectrometer for energy and lifetime measurements. Several new yrast and nonyrast transitions were observed for the first time, extending the previously known level scheme. Additionally, we report on the observation of a new short-lived isomer at 3444 keV with a half-life of 32(3) ns. The analysis of the Nilsson orbitals obtained from Gogny cranked Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations suggests a (9−) spin and an oblate deformation for this isomer corresponding to a two-quasineutron state, indicating an isomeric structure very similar to that of the neighboring isotones 96Sr and 92Se

G. Häfner, R. L. Canavan, R. Lozeva, J. N. Wilson, H. Naïdja, K. Belvedere, M. Lebois, S. M. Collins, N. Jovančević, P. H. Regan, D. Thisse, D. Etasse, M. Rudigier, E. Adamska, P. Adsley, M. Babo, J. Benito, G. Benzoni, A. Blazhev, M. Bunce, A. Boso, S. Bottoni, R. Chakma, N. Cieplicka-Oryńczak, M. L. Cortés, P. J. Davies, C. Delafosse, M. Fallot, B. Fornal, L. M. Fraile, R.-B. Gerst, D. Gjestvang, V. Guadilla, K. Hauschild, C. Henrich, I. Homm, F. Ibrahim, Ł. W. Iskra, S. Jazwari, J. Jolie, A. Korgul, P. Koseoglou, Th Kröll, T. Kurtukian-Nieto, L. Le-meur, J. Ljungvall, A. Lopez-Martens, I. Matea, L. Matthieu, K. Miernik, J. Nemer, S. Oberstedt, W. Paulsen, M. Piersa, Y. Popovitch, C. Porzio, L. Qi, D. Ralet, D. Reygadas Tello, K. Rezynkina, V. Sanchez, C. Schmitt, P.-A. Söderström, C. Sürder, G. Tocabens, V. Vedia, D. Verney, N. Warr, B. Wasilewska, J. Wiederhold, M. S. Yavahchova, F. Zeiser, S. Ziliani (2021)Spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in ¹³⁴,¹³⁶,¹³⁸Te isotopes and implications for the nuclear structure beyond N = 82, In: Physical Review C103(3)034317 American Physical Society

We report on spectroscopic information and lifetime measurements of even-even neutron-rich Te isotopes. Excited states were populated in fast-neutron induced fission of ²³⁸U at the ALTO facility of IJCLab with the LICORNE neutron source and detected using the hybrid ν-ball spectrometer. We provide first results on lifetimes of the 6+1 state in ¹³⁶Te and the (6+1), (4+1), and (2+1) states in ¹³⁸ Te and discuss the results in the context of large-scale shell-model calculations. The level schemes of ¹³⁶Te and ¹³⁸Te are revised in terms of lifetimes of their 2+1 , 4+1 states and updated information on the (4+2) state in ¹³⁶Te is presented. In addition, previously reported data on spectroscopy and lifetimes in ¹³⁴Te are reexamined. This work provides new insights into the evolution of collectivity for Te isotopes with N = 82, 84, 86.

RHIANN CANAVAN, M Rudigier, PATRICK HENRY REGAN, M Lebois, JULIET WILSON, N Jovancevic, P.-A Söderström, D Thisse, J Benito, S Bottoni, MATTHEW HENRY BRUNET, N Cieplicka-Oryńczak, SEAN MICHAEL COLLINS, S Courtin, DANIEL THOMAS DOHERTY, L.M Fraile, K Hadyńska-Klęk, M Heine, Ł.W Iskra, V Karayonchev, ADAM RUSSELL KENNINGTON, P Koseoglou, GAVIN JAMES LOTAY, G Lorusso, M Nakhostin, C.R Niţă, S Oberstedt, Zs Podolyák, L Qi, J.-M Régis, R Shearman, V Vedia, W Witt (2020)Reaction Channel selection techniques and γ - γ fast-timing spectroscopy using the ν-Ball Spectrometer, In: Journal of physics. Conference series1643(1) IOP Publishing

The reaction of a pulsed 18O beam on a self-supporting and gold-backed isotopically-enriched 164Dy target of thickness 6.3 mg/cm2 at separate primary beam energies of 71, 76 and 80 MeV was studied at the accelerator at the ALTO facility of the IPN Orsay. The γ rays produced were detected using the newly-constructed ν-Ball spectrometer which comprised of HPGe and LaBr3(Ce) detectors. This conference paper describes the methodology and effectiveness of multiplicity/sum-energy gating, for channel selection between fusion evaporation events and lower multiplicity/energy events from inelastic nuclear scattering and Coulomb excitation of the target, and from two-neutron transfer reactions to 166Dy.