Kate Relph

Dr Kate Relph

Project manager
+44 (0)1483 688597
9am-3pm Mon-Wed

Academic and research departments

School of Biosciences.



Kate currently works within the laboratory of Professor Hardev Pandha as a project manager. She is responsible for all regulatory and governance aspects of the group’s work with human tissue. She has experience of writing study documentation and submitting applications to the HRA as well as making amendments to existing studies. She also edits, formats and submits all of the group’s publications and is responsible for the submission and administration of grant applications.

Kate studied Biochemistry at the University of Bristol and spent a year at Roche Pharmaceuticals working on Hepatitis C Virus as part of her industrial sandwich placement year. Following this she went on to study for a PhD at the University of Oxford. Her thesis was entitled 'Analysis and exploitation of hypoxia response elements for targeted gene therapy' and part of her time was spent working in the biotechnology company Oxford BioMedica. After this she went on to do a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research where she developed retroviral vectors to immortalise primary breast cells within the laboratory of Professor Parmjit Jat.

After her post-doc she moved away from the bench but stayed in science working for Professor Pandha at St George's, University of London as a science writer/administrator. When Professor Pandha gained his Chair at the University of Surrey Kate moved with him to help set up his group.

Research interests

  • Gene Therapy - In particular Viral Vectors
  • Cancer
  • Immunotherapy


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