Katie Longman

Postgraduate Research Student

My publications


Mahado Ismail , Catia Costa, Katherine Longman, Mark Chambers, Sarah Menzies, and Melanie Bailey (2022). Potential to Use Fingerprints for Monitoring Therapeutic Levels of Isoniazid and Treatment Adherence
Matt Spick, Katherine Longman, Cecile Frampas, Holly Lewis, Catia Costa, Deborah Dunn Walters, Alex Stewart, Michael Wilde, Danni Greener, George Evetts, Drupad Trivedi, Perdita Barran, Andy Pitt, Melanie Bailey (2021). Changes to the sebum lipidome upon COVID-19 infection observed via rapid sampling from the skin
Catia Costa, Cecile Frampas, Katherine A. Longman, Vladimir Palitsin, Mahado Ismail, Patrick Sears, Ramin Nilforooshan and Melanie J. Bailey (2019). Paper spray screening and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry confirmation for medication adherence testing: A two‐step process