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    L.F. Thompson, J.P. Stowell, S.J. Fargher, C.A. Steer, K.L. Loughney, E.M. O'Sullivan, J.G. Gluyas, S.W. Blaney, R.J. Pidcock (2019) The application of muon tomography to the imaging of railway tunnels

    Cosmic Ray Muon Radiography utilizes highly-penetrating cosmic ray muons to image the density profile of an object of interest. Here we report on the first trial to use a portable field-deployable cosmic ray tracking system in order to image the whole overburden of a UK railway tunnel with short duration scans (c. 30 minutes). A unknown overburden void was identified and, post-trial, confirmed by railway authorities. These experiments demonstrate the identification of hidden construction shafts with high levels of statistical significance as density anomalies within the data.