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Professor Mark Pallen

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow

Academic and research departments

School of Veterinary Medicine.

My publications


Anuradha Ravi, Fenella D Halstead, Amy Bamford, Anna Casey, Nicholas M. Thomson, Willem van Schaik, Catherine Snelson, Robert Goulden, Ebenezer Foster-Nyarko, George M. Savva, Tony Whitehouse, Mark J. Pallen, Beryl A. Oppenheim (2019)Loss of microbial diversity and pathogen domination of the gut microbiota in critically ill patients, In: Microbial Genomics5(9)pp. 1-12 Microbiology Society

Among long-stay critically ill patients in the adult intensive care unit (ICU), there are often marked changes in the complexity of the gut microbiota. However, it remains unclear whether such patients might benefit from enhanced surveillance or from interventions targeting the gut microbiota or the pathogens therein. We therefore undertook a prospective observational study of 24 ICU patients, in which serial faecal samples were subjected to shotgun metagenomic sequencing, phylogenetic profiling and microbial genome analyses. Two-thirds of the patients experienced a marked drop in gut microbial diversity (to an inverse Simpson’s index of