Mengyuan Wang

Postgraduate Research Student
Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm


Mengyuan Wang embarked on her PhD journey at the Centre for Environment and Sustainability in October 2022. Mengyuan's academic journey is complemented by her exceptional background, which includes an MA in Interaction Design from Goldsmiths, University of London, with a specialization in sustainable solutions. Furthermore, her academic interests extend to sociology and gender studies at SOAS University of London, fostering her interdisciplinary approach.

In 2023, Mengyuan showcased her expertise at the Paris Art and Humanity conference, presenting groundbreaking research at the intersection of virtual fashion and sustainable design.  Mengyuan's dedication to academic excellence underscores her commitment to driving innovation and positive change in her research domain. In addition, her proactive approach to expanding her methodological knowledge through the University of Oxford's doctoral research methods course reflects her commitment to enhancing her research capabilities during her doctoral studies. Moreover, her collaborations with institutions highlight her proactive approach to broadening her knowledge during her doctoral studies.


Research interests


Wang M. (2023) Investigating the Relationship Between Technology and Artistry in Sustainable Design, Eco-Conscious Fashion ISSN: 2758-0970 The Paris Conference on Arts & Humanities 2023 Official Conference Proceedings