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Dr Muhammad Usman

Research Fellow
PhD, Griffith University Australia, MS (CS), BS (CS), Pakistan


Areas of specialism

Security and Privacy – intrusion and anomaly detection systems, data leakage prevention, key management schemes, trust management; Secure Smart Systems - smart homes and smart cities, wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things; Computer Networks – distributed systems, grid computing, mobile agent-based distributed systems, routing protocols, peer-to-peer computing; Cloud Computing - architectural, efficiency, security and privacy issues; Data Analytics – healthcare and social data analytics using statistical and social network analytical techniques; Web Services – security & privacy issues in web 2.0, performance issues in web services, trust in learning management systems; Formal Modeling and Analysis – statistical modeling, structural and behavior modeling and analysis of distributed protocols and systems

My qualifications

Griffith University, Australia

Affiliations and memberships

Member Network Security Research Group, Griffith University, Australia
Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) endorsed by ACM Publishers, USA
Juniper Networks, USA
1. Internetworking Specialist (Enterprise Routing Track)
2. Internetworking Specialist (JUNOS Security Track)
3. Internetworking Associate (Enterprise Switching Track)
4. Internetworking Associate (Enterprise Routing Track)


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