Zahra Rahimian Omam

Dr Rahimian Omam

Research Fellow
PhD in Telecommunication Engineering

Academic and research departments

Institute for Communication Systems.


Amirmasood Bagheri, Zahra Rahimian Omam, Seyed Ehsan Hosseininejad, Pei Xiao, Mohsen Khalily (2023)Compact Polarization Converter on a Thin Ferrite-based Metasurface for Enhanced 5G Wireless Communication

This paper highlights the crucial importance of polarization control within 5G wireless communication. We propose a compact polarization converter on a thin ferrite-based metasurface, which enables flexible manipulation of polarization in the reflected waves. The direction of applied magnetics bias allows the metasurface to polarize reflected waves in either co-or cross-polarization with respect to the incident wave. To optimize ferrite utilization, the adoption of a cubic lattice structure in metasurface design is recommended. This design approach has successfully delivered efficient polarization conversion and showcased impressive frequency reconfigurability. Each unit cell within the proposed metasurface can be independently controlled for spatial modulation. Utilizing the distinct material properties associated with various polarizations, the suggested metasurface exhibits remarkable potential in creating reflective intelligent surfaces. These surfaces have the capacity to substantially enhance coverage and elevate the performance of 5G networks. Index Terms—Ferrite, metasurface, polarization control, 5G, non-reciprocal wave propagation, Faraday rotation. I. INTRODUCTION As the demand for high-speed, low-latency, and reliable wireless communication continues to surge, the development of advanced technologies to enhance 5G networks becomes dominant. Metasurfaces in 5G applications enable precise beamforming and enhance wireless communication efficiency, revolutionizing the way data is transmitted and received, thus shaping the future of high-speed connectivity [1]–[3]. In this context, the manipulation of electromagnetic wave polarization has emerged as a crucial factor for improving the performance and efficiency of communication systems. Polarization converters, which can transform incident waves into desired polarizations, have garnered significant attention [4], [5]. This paper considers solutions in the form of a compact polarization converter, engineered on a thin ferrite-based metasurface, that holds great potential for revolutionizing 5G wireless communication. In previous investigations, various geometries have been investigated for achieving linear-to-cross polarization conversion , such as H-shaped metallic structures [6], the double-split ring resonator [7], and double V-shaped resonators [8]. Additionally, the effective realization of linear-to-circular polarization conversion has been demonstrated through designs like the Jerusalem Cross resonator and corner-truncated patch resonator [9]. Notably, a reconfigurable metasurface,

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