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Salar Arbabi

Postgraduate research student in cooperative decision making for automated driving in urban environment

My publications


Arbabi Salar, Dixit Shilp, Zheng Ziyao, Oxtoby David, Mouzakitis Alexandros, Fallah Saber (2020) Lane-Change Initiation and Planning Approach for
Highly Automated Driving on Freeways
2020 IEEE 92nd Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2020-Fall
Quantifying and encoding occupants? preferences
as an objective function for the tactical decision making of
autonomous vehicles is a challenging task. This paper presents a low-complexity approach for lane-change initiation and planning
to facilitate highly automated driving on freeways. Conditions under which human drivers find different manoeuvres desirable
are learned from naturalistic driving data, eliminating the need for an engineered objective function and incorporation of expert knowledge in form of rules. Motion planning is formulated as a finite-horizon optimisation problem with safety constraints. It is shown that the decision model can replicate human drivers? discretionary lane-change decisions with up to 92% accuracy. Further proof of concept simulation of an overtaking manoeuvre is shown, whereby the actions of the simulated vehicle are logged while the dynamic environment evolves as per ground truth data