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Dr Valentine Seymour

Research Fellow
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Department of Sociology.


Thomas Roberts, Valentine Seymour, Katya Brooks, Ross Thompson, Carl Petrokofsky, Emer O’Connell, Owen Landeg (2022)Stakeholder perspectives on extreme hot and cold weather alerts in England and the proposed move towards an impact-based approach, In: Environmental Science and Policy136pp. 467-475

Extreme weather alerting systems are one of the central tools utilised in adapting to changing weather patterns resulting from climate change. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of the current alerting systems for hot and cold weather used in England to notify the health and social care sector of upcoming extreme weather events. We consider the views of stakeholders on the current system and explore their perspectives on the proposal to move towards an impact-based system. The paper concludes that while the current system is an effective tool, stakeholders feel they need to draw on additional material to assist with the development of an appropriate response. We also highlight that many stakeholders are concerned about the potential for creating alert fatigue due to a lack of clarity of the geographical area impact of some of the alerts. Consequently, there was a high level of support from stakeholders for the move towards an impact-focused system.