Zeljko Radic

Postgraduate Research Student


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My qualifications

BA in English and German Language and Literature
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, Osijek, Croatia
MA in Audiovisual Translation
University of Roehampton, London

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Voice Subz UK
Audiovisual Translation Services


Zeljko Radic, Sabine Braun, Elena Davitti (2023)Introducing Speech Recognition in Non-live Subtitlingto Enhance the Subtitler Experience, In: Proceedings of the International Conference HiT-IT 2023pp. 167-176

Interlingual Subtitle Voicing (ISV) is a new technique that focuses on using speech recognition (SR), rather than traditional keyboard-based techniques for the creation of non-live subtitles. SR has successfully been incorporated into intralingual live subtitling environments for the purposes of accessibility in major languages (real-time subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing). However, it has not yet been integrated as a helpful tool for the translation of non-live subtitles to any great and meaningful extent, especially for lower resourced languages likeCroatian. This paper presents selected results from a larger PhD study entitled ‘Interlingual Subtitle Voicing: A New Technique for the Creation of Interlingual Subtitles, A Case Study in Croatian’. More specifically, the paper focuses on the second supporting research question that explores participants feedback about the ISV technique, as a novel workflow element, and the accompanying technology. To explore this technique, purpose-made subtitling software was created, namely SpeakSubz. The constant enhancements of the tool akin to software updates are informed by participants’ empirical results and qualitative feedback and shaped by subtitlers’ needs. Some of the feedback from the main ISV study is presented in this paper.