Our group holds regular meetings and events covering a wide range of topics in modern quantum sciences. This includes both fundamental, mathematical, and practical aspects.

These meetings and events offer a point of contact for everyone devoted to quantum research, and the participation of early career researchers is particularly encouraged.

Past seminars

Giovanni Manfredi

Classical analogues of quantum systems

Giovanni Manfredi's talk, held on 17 February 2022, outlined a novel method to emulate quantum evolutions using analogue systems that are purely classical.  The classical analogue is made out of a collection of Brownian micro-particles optically trapped by a laser beam and immersed in a thermal bath.

Janet Anders

Quantum Brownian motion for magnets

Theoretical physicist and world expert in the exciting new fields of quantum information theory and quantum thermodynamics, Janet Anders, was the speaker for the quantum Brownian motion for magnets talk on 24 November 2021. It discussed how a system-bath Hamiltonian, similar to the Caldeira-Leggett and spin-boson models, can be used to derive a general spin dynamics equation.

Eddy Keming Chen

Strong determinism

The strong determinism talk on 20 October 2021 outlined ideas about the nature of determinism in science. Lead by philosopher of physics, Eddy Chen from UC San Diego, who is a named collaborator on our new Templeton grant on the arrow of time.

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