Our group holds regular meetings and events covering a wide range of topics in modern quantum sciences. This includes both fundamental, mathematical, and practical aspects.

These meetings and events offer a point of contact for everyone devoted to quantum research, and the participation of early career researchers is particularly encouraged.

Past seminars

Coupling single electrons spins to a superconducting flux qubit

In this talk, Michael presented recent experiments where his team managed to strongly couple individual spins to a superconducting circuit.

A new 2D platform for quantum technology: A quantum coherent spin in hexagonal boron nitride that operates at ambient conditions

In this talk Hannah Stern presented recent results that reveal a new material platform for quantum optical technologies. This platform consists of a single electronic spin, embedded in a two-dimensional material that can be operated via light at room temperature.


Page-curve-like entanglement dynamics in open quantum systems

On 9 May 2024, Jonas Glatthard presented a general argument as to why a Page-curve-like entanglement dynamics should be expected to hold generally for system-plus-bath models at small coupling and low temperatures, when the system is initialized in a pure state far from equilibrium.

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