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Staff and students

Academic staff

Silvia Pani profile image

Dr Silvia Pani

Senior Lecturer in Applied Radiation Physics

Giuseppe Schettino profile image

Professor Giuseppe Schettino

Associate Tutor in Medical Physics

Paul Sellin profile image

Professor Paul Sellin

Professor of Physics

Caroline Shenton-Taylor profile image

Dr Caroline Shenton-Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Applied Nuclear Physics

Research staff

Joydip Ghosh profile image

Dr Joydip Ghosh

Research Fellow

Joseph O'Neill profile image

Dr Joseph O'Neill

Research Assistant

Postgraduate research students

Suad Alghamdi

Postgraduate Research Student

Oakley Clark

Postgraduate Research Student

Anthony Criscuolo profile image

Anthony Criscuolo

Postgraduate Research Student

Megan Eaton profile image

Megan Eaton

Use of AI to Estimate Breast Density from Spectroscopic X-Ray Data

Alistair Hickman

Postgraduate Research Student

Luke Lee-Brewin profile image

Luke Lee-Brewin

Postgraduate Research Student

Jacopo Magini profile image

Dr Jacopo Magini

Postgraduate Research Student

Tom Moore profile image

Tom Moore

Postgraduate Research Student

Gabriele Parisi

Postgraduate Research Student

Sithumini Vidya Perera profile image

Sithumini Perera

Perovskite radiation detectors

Phasit Petisiwaveth profile image

Phasit Petisiwaveth

Next generation radiation detectors for in-vivo quality assurance in Medical Physics

Anna Worthy

Postgraduate Research Student

Visiting and emeritus staff

Key staff for technical support

Sarah Heisig

Physics Laboratory Superintendent

John-William Brown

Physics Radiation Technician

Michelle Willows

Radiation Physics Laboratory Supervisor