SFRR Europe 2016, Budapest (18.9.-26.9.2016). Attendee:  Jonas Hahn (Poster presentation) SFRR Spetses (7.6.-12.6.2016). Attendee: Jonas Hahn (Poster & talk) GRC Italy 2017 (13-19th Match 2017). Attendee Matt Rooney (poster presentation)


Kienhöfer D, Hahn J, Stoof J, Csepregi JZ, Reinwald C, Urbonaviciute V, Johnsson C, Maueröder C, Podolska MJ, Biermann MH, Leppkes M, Harrer T, Hultqvist M, Olofsson P, Munoz LE, Mocsai A, Herrmann M, Schett G, Hoffmann MH. Experimental lupus is aggravated in mouse strains with impaired induction of neutrophil extracellular traps. JCI Insight. 2017; 2(10). Pii: 92920.

Munoz LE, Leppkes M, Fuchs TA, Hoffmann M, Herrmann M. Missing in action – The meaning of cell death in tissue damage. Immunological Reviews 2017 (in press).

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