Corporeal computing

Start date

02 January 2013

End date

01 May 2013


Growing interest in mathematical computational and diagrammatic languages, and their relation to gesture has paved the way for the study of relations between the materiality and techniques of the body and what neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinas would call ‘mentality’.

The link between ‘mentalility and motricity’, and the capability of gesture-haptic communication to bridge the division between the bodily and the virtual, has led to a growing interest in gestural mechanics for the creation of more physical and performative engagements in human-to-machine interaction and interfacing.

Computer science and the performing arts research are two fields that share a keen interest in the gestural and gesture-performative. It is within the context of the gestural and the gesture-haptic that divergent forms of communicability are activated that make possible a passage from the corporeal to the conceptual, the bodily and the mechanic.

This event, which will include two short performances, each exploring the interactions between computer languages and embodiment, will invite computer scientists, technology scholars, developers and body practitioners and theorists (particularly but not exclusively from the performing arts) to share their research at the intersection between computational and body languages, between motricity and mentality.

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