Dynamical degradation of chaotic systems in digital domain

Start date

15 March 2012

End date

14 March 2014


When implemented in digital (time, space and value all discretized in binary form) domain, many good dynamical properties of chaotic systems in continuous domain may disappear or be degraded. Previous research shows that such dynamical degradation can create big problems to some applications, i.e., reducing security of chaos-based cryptosystems. Despite the importance of this issue in both theory and practice, it has not been well studied. In this project, we hope to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the fine structure of the dynamical degradation for selected chaotic systems;
  • New framework of studying the dynamical degradation in fixed-point and floating-point arithmetic;
  • Some results that can be applied to chaos-based applications in digital domain.

Funding amount

£9,000 (plus 68,800 CNY from NSFC)




College of Information Engineering, Xiangtan University, China.

Dr Chengqing Li

University of Surrey

Dr Qin Li

University of Surrey