Feminist identity and beliefs about feminism


In recent years, there has been renewed interest in feminism globally. Despite this, feminists and people who believe in feminism (i.e., the equality participate in related actions supporting of people from different gender groups) are stereotyped negatively. The most widespread stereotype is that feminists “hate men” or are misandrists. Awareness of negative beliefs about feminism reduces people’s willingness to identify with feminism or participate in related actions in support of gender equality. But how accurate are these stereotypes about feminists? In this line of research, we are interested in understanding the content of feminists' beliefs and what factors influence our beliefs about feminists' attitudes (i.e., meta-perceptions)? Other research questions include: who can identify as feminist? And how do different feminist beliefs (i.e., ideologies) influence cognitions, attitudes and behaviours?

Research conducted by members of the Psychology of Gender and Sexuality Lab.

Research themes

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