GEOSEC: Lightweight security and privacy for geographic personal data and location based services

Start date

October 2016

End date

March 2020

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GEOSEC (a project out of PETRAS) aims to analyse and model the security and privacy weaknesses of existing techniques for location-based information delivery services, and design a new lightweight solution with low networking overheads.

The initial focus for researchers was on well-known use cases such as connected and autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems, smart ambient public space, and internet of things enabled smart road and street planning, pricing and maintenance.


Some of the project outcomes were published in IEEE journals such as:

  1. Security and Privacy in Location-Based Services (LBS) for Vehicular and Mobile Communications: An Overview, Challenges and Countermeasures. Published in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.
  2. Paper title: A Distributed Trust Management Scheme for Data Forwarding in Satellite DTN Emergency Communications.  Published in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), Special Issue on Satellite Communications.

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