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Haitham Cruickshank

Senior Lecturer



I worked in ICS (formerly CCSR) since January 1996 on several European research projects in the ACTS, ESPRIT, Ten-Telecom and IST programmes. My main research interests are network security, satellite network architectures, VoIP and IP conferencing over satellites. I am currently working in several FP6 projects such as SATLIFE, EuroNGI, and SATNEX. I also teach in the Data and Internet Networking and satellite communication courses at University of Surrey.

I am a chartered engineer and corporate member of the IEE in UK. Alsom am a member of the Satellite and Space Communications Committee of the IEEE ComSoc. I am active in the ETSI BSM (Broadband Satellite Multimedia) and the IETF MSEC groups.

In addition, I am Vice Chair of the COST 272 activity, which is part of the European COST research programme, here is a photo with my COST 272 colleagues.