Integrating data sources to enhance the experience for rail passengers with special needs and/or disabilities

Start date

01 November 2015

End date

30 November 2016


This project investigates how existing and new rail data sources can be used to enhance the passenger experience and to provide assistance to passengers with special needs and/or disabilities, for example those with limited mobility or vision impairment, particularly when unplanned disruption occurs.

Technical prototypes will be created that demonstrate how relevant transport data can be integrated to meet the needs of customers, how the location of passengers can be determined and used to provide benefit to them, and how security and privacy of personal data can be maintained.

The technical capabilities demonstrated will be used to create a customer walkthrough that shows how existing data can provide benefit, how other data sources can be integrated to further improve the customer experience, and also how future services might develop.

Funding amount





In addition to three Surrey project investigators with expertise in computer science, cyber security and tourism, this project is also participated by external project investigators who have expertise on transportation systems (University of Southampton), and user-centred design (Loughborough University). It also involves an industrial partner Pervasive Intelligence.

  • Simon Blainey, Lecturer in Transportation, University of Southampton
  • Andrew May, Research Fellow, Loughborough University
  • Tracy Ross, Research Fellow, Loughborough University
  • Matthew Casey, Pervasive Intelligence.