Balding hair

Journeys of hair loss

Start date

01 August 2022

End date

30 April 2024


The Journeys of Hair Loss project, funded by British Academic/Leverhulme, explores the journeys of men experiencing pattern baldness, through 34 interviews with UK men aged between 18 and 49.

The project explores the changes and challenges such men can face, and the ways they respond to the process of going bald. By thinking of the process of losing hair as a life journey, we highlight how experiences, understandings and responses develop over time and relation to other aspects of life.

For more detail, read our articles and blogs or view a presentation of our main findings on video.

For full video of our event, Journeys of Masculinity, click here.


Project Events

Journeys of Hair Loss: A Public Online Event on Men's Experiences of Going Bald

What challenges can men experiencing hair loss face, and how do they respond? How is male baldness viewed by society and what pressures can this create? What are men’s experiences of hair loss treatments? Do men talk about hair loss? Should they? Could society do more to support them?

This public event, on 25 April 2024, featured an outline of the main findings and recommendations of the Journeys of Hair Loss project, illustrated by videos, followed by discussion and questions. 


Journeys of Masculinity: Bodies, Identities, Wellbeing and the Life Course

Online Symposium Featuring Launch of Final Report from the Journeys of Hair Loss Project

This symposium, on 22nd March 2024, explored men’s pathways through different phases of the life course and, particularly, their negotiation of transitions and challenges with respect to bodies, responsibilities, relationships and wellbeing. The event was organised by the BA/Leverhulme Journeys of Hair Loss project, based at the University of Surrey, and a detailed presentation on the project’s findings featured as part of the programme.