Neighbourhood natter: Facilitating local conversations to counter loneliness and social isolation

Start date

November 2022

End date

March 2023


Loneliness is a growing problem for older adults, with two million over 50s in the UK expected to experience loneliness by 2025/26. In a previous ESRC project we have explored the reasons underlying loneliness in a retirement community, listened to residents wishes for addressing it, and co-designed a new type of social media system for facilitating structured face-to-face conversations within a neighbourhood. With partner, Play Well for Life, this project will collect market data, feedback and implementation insights on this concept which will support commercialisation and impact of the social science insights and co-designed ideas.





Impact will be measured by the findings from the trial and the benefits delivered to participants, using validated measures of loneliness and social belonging and from qualitative data from trial participants. It will also be measured by the buy in of stakeholders and Play Well for Life for subsequent development.

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