Postural stability and kinematics of dachshunds

Project aims

This study aims to help vets to get an objective picture of what healthy dog core stability looks like so they can make evidence-based decisions about the rehabilitation of dogs with certain neurological problems and also aims to improve the understanding of how this breed of dogs move.

We are studying several biomechanical aspects of smooth, long and wire haired miniature Dachshunds – a breed prone to spinal problems. The study consists in studying:

  • The core stability of normal dogs and use it as a control to compare it against patients under physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments
  • The paws pressure distribution and full body kinematics during gait including spinal 3-D motion.

The study is taking place in Surrey’s Gait Analysis Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering, University of Surrey, School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, using a 3D motion capture camera system, foot pressure analysis and force plates.


Research groups and centres

Our research is supported by research groups and centres of excellence.

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