Quantum Computing for Nuclear Physics

Start date

01 October 2022

End date

30 September 2024

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Quantum Computers are a wholly new kind of computer which work in a quite different way to standard computers. Using the laws of quantum mechanics allows quantum computers to use tricks to store and manipulate information in a more subtle way than on standard computers. They are particularly well suited to simulating natural systems that themselves are dominated by the laws of quantum mechanics, such as things at the atomic and molecular scale, and smaller.

In order to do this, new kinds of (quantum) computer programs are needed. In this work we will develop new quantum programs for running on real quantum computers as currently exist, as well as proposing algorithms for more sophisticated quantum computers of the future. We will use these to perform calculations in nuclear physics - to understand how the protons and neutrons combine together to form the nucleus at the heart of every atom that makes up everything from us to the stars and galaxies across the known universe.

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Dr Bharti Bhoy