Our mentoring schemes are specifically tailored for busy researchers (PGRs and ECRs). You can get involved at your own pace as a 'research mentee' (where you can learn from a more experienced researcher) and a 'research mentor' (where you have the opportunity to advise other junior researchers). 

Transitions: PGR to PGR peer mentoring 

PGRs that are in their first year of the researcher degree are paired with later stage PGRs. Discover more about Transitions.

STARs mentoring 

PGR mentors in their first year and onwards are paired with our brightest third-year undergraduates, who show potential and interest in pursuing a research degree in the future. Find out how to sign up to be a STARs mentor.

Early career researcher mentoring

The ECR mentoring scheme is currently suspended, but the University’s Learning and Development team recommend these online resources to help ECRs to locate a mentor.

Employer mentoring

Pairing any researcher (PGR or ECR) with someone working outside of academia.

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Become a research mentor

We are always looking for new research mentors. Why not join our mentoring pool? We offer professional training (offering key coaching, leadership and professional development skills) with a digital certification.