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Our ChemEng Society is for students to connect both socially and professionally as they develop into independent chemical and process engineers.

About the society

Chemical Engineering Society football team

Our society is one of the longest running at Surrey and is involved in organising various social events throughout the year, such as virtual Zoom trivia nights (due to pandemic restrictions) and (when allowed) activities such as bowling, skating, pub crawls and the mysterious Thrash for first years. We are also involved in departmental sports events, one of the biggest being the annual Frank Morton sports day, where chemical engineering departments across the UK compete in various sports activities.

Although we love to have fun, we are also devoted to more serious issues, for example discussions about women in engineering, the safety of women in society, and mental health. We wish to tackle serious issues as a society in a personal way, to help our members meet new people and foster long-lasting connections for their personal and professional future. Departmental support is key to any society, which is why our Department is heavily involved in many of the events planned by the society and is supportive in various ways.

Society goals

All society members should feel part of the chemical engineering family, so our goals are to:

  • Organise social events to encourage interconnection of both students and staff
  • Help form long-lasting personal and professional relationships
  • Tackle current relevant issues about our profession, education, and our community
  • Support students in their journey to achieve their academic goals.

Our leaders

Matheos Stavrinides

President (2019-2021)

Henry Paribag

Vice President (2019-2021)

Jalal Khan

Treasurer (2020-2021)

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