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Past events

Date Event Speaker
20 September 2018 Book Symposium Prof. John Gardner (University of Oxford)
5 October 2018 Inaugural Lecture Prof. Francesco Giglio (University of Surrey School of Law)
10 October 2018 Hart Seminar Prof. Leslie Green (University of Oxford)
17 October 2018 Hart Seminar

Prof. Alice Pinheiro Walla (University of Bayreuth)

7 November 2018 Hart Seminar

Prof. Detlef von Daniels (Free University Berlin)

21 November 2018 Autumn Keynote Lecture Prof. Anna Stilz (Princeton University)
5 December 2018 Hart Seminar Prof. Constantine Sandis (University of Hertfordshire)
30 January 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Stanley Paulson (Washington University St. Louis)
6 February 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Jonathan Wolf (University of Oxford)
13 February 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Heidi Hurd (University of Illinois)
20 February 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Angela Smith (Washington and Lee University)
27 February 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Antony Duff (University of Stirling)
6 March 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Mitchell Berman (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
13 March 2019 Inaugural Toulson Law Lecture Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, former President of the UK Supreme Court
21-22 March 2019 Conference 2nd Annual Surrey Workshop on Regulating AI
1 May 2019 Hart Seminar Dr Nikolas Kirby (University of Oxford)
7 May 2019 Spring Keynote Lecture Prof. Paul Robinson (University of Pennsylvania)
15 May 2019 Law School Speaker Series Prof. Jon Herring (University of Oxford)
23-24 May 2019 Conference Legal Philosophy Workshop
5 June 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Norman P. Ho (Peking University)
17-18 June 2019 Conference

Surrey & Jagiellonian Workshop on "Law, language, and social ontology"

26 June 2019 Hart Seminar Prof. Brian Bix (University of Minnesota Law School)
16-18 July 2019 Conference New Directions in Philosophy of Law