Please contact either the UK/EU Recruitment team or the Widening Participation and Outreach Office.

If you are unsure who in the teams to contact:

UK/EU Student Recruitment

Name Role Phone
Lizzie Burrows Head of UK/EU Student Recruitment (maternity leave)
Laura Connaway UK/ EU Student Recruitment Officer 01483 683382
Julian Henry UK/EU Student Recruitment Officer 01483 689906
Jonathan Hunter UK/EU Student Recruitment Regional Officer (Midlands)
Matt Spiers UK/EU Student Recruitment Placement Assistant 01483 689902
Jenny Webb UK/EU Student Recruitment Co-ordinator

Widening Participation and Outreach

Name Role Contact
Nancy Bentley Head of Department (maternity cover) 01483 683177
Emma Greening Widening Participation & Outreach Manager (Faculty Engagement) 01483 683547
Joe Bradbury-Walters Widening Participation & Outreach Manager (Central) 01483 688944
Katherine Sela Research and Evaluation Officer 01483 689878
Ellen Randall Evaluation and Data Officer 01483 689392
Danielle Way-Blakeburn Evaluation and Data Officer 01483 689363
Amy Oatway Widening Participation & Outreach Coordination (Faculty Engagement) 01483 688949
Joe Hickinbottom Widening Participation & Outreach Support Officer 01483 683891
Lucy Carswell Widening Participation & Outreach Coordinator 01483 684336
Harry Deards Widening Participation & Outreach Support Officer 01483 683134
Elena Fragkoudaki Widening Participation & Outreach Officer 01483 688810
Jocelyn Blasco Steele Widening Participation & Outreach Support Officer (FASS) 01483 682010
Emily Ridgley Widening Participation & Outreach Support Officer (FHMS) 01483 684612
Robert Thatcher Widening Participation & Outreach Support Officer (FEPS) 01483 683226

Hannah Trott

Widening Participation & Outreach Coordinator (GEP)
Adam Bingham-Scales Learning Development Adviser (Outreach) 01483 682586
Laura Barnett Student Learning Adviser (Library & Learning Support Services)
Caroline Webb

Widening Participation Admin Assistant

01483 689943

Higher Education Outreach Network

Name Role Phone
Mr Chris Dexter Higher Education Outreach Network Evaluation & Impact Coordinator 01483 683362
Miss Kimberley Perry Higher Education Outreach Network Administrator 01483 684337
Mr Jonathan Plummer Higher Education Outreach Network Co-ordinator 01483 689391
Emilie De la Nougerede Higher Education Outreach Network Partner Officer 01483 689698
Ms Nancy Bentley Higher Education Outreach Network Manager 01483 683893