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Social Psychology of Contemporary Environmental Issues Workshop

Workshop description

Social psychology has an essential role to play in understanding human interactions with their environments and their responses to prominent environmental issues. This workshop will provide broad coverage of our theoretical and conceptual understandings of the determinants of environmental behaviours; exploring the relevance of core social psychological constructs such as identity, attitudes, values, norms and worldviews and linking them to contemporary models of environmental behaviour change.

Environmental psychology is a problem-oriented discipline and you will regularly find environmental psychologists working across academic disciplinary boundaries and with non-academic stakeholders with a view of helping to resolve key environmental issues.

Two environmental challenges currently driving research in the field and at Surrey provide a focus of this workshop:

  1. How to prevent the degradation of marine environments
  2. How to sustainably power societies in an increasingly carbon-constrained world.

This workshop will include appraisal of the benefits and challenges of working with non-academic stakeholders to translate psychological research into impact.

Workshop tutors

Sabine Pahl

Sabine Pahl

Workshop tutor

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