About us

The Soft Matter group consists of about 20 PhD students, postdocs, technicians and academic staff. We do experiments in recently refurbished labs with state-of-the-art kit for atomic force microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, NMR imaging and profiling, and thermo-mechanical analysis. We also carry out computations on a shared server.

Our PhD students and staff have received recognition and accolades. Recent examples include an Institute of Physics (IOP) Polymer Physics Group “Best Student Paper” prize, an Institute of Materials poster prize, and an IOP Liquids and Complex Fluids Group Young Scientist Award.  

We have a strong reputation for research. We regularly publish our results in leading international journals, such as Physical Review Letters and Advanced Materials, and our work has been highlighted in Science and Nature. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), the majority of the Group's research was classified as either world leading or internationally excellent.

We have numerous international collaborations in Europe (e.g. in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Lausanne) and the USA (e.g. in Texas and North Carolina), and we regularly host visitors from labs around the world.

We organise a programme of stimulating seminars given by top scientists. Some of our recent graduates and former postdocs are now university lecturers.  Others are research scientists in industry, such as Unilever and AWE.

The Soft Matter Group 2013

From left to right: Alan Dalton, Izabela Jurewicz, Peter McDonald. Andre Utgenannt, Richard Sear, Yang Liu, Violeta Doukova, Ravishanker Yadav, Niki Bardi, Joe Keddie, Sultan Alomairy, Agata Gajewicz, Vesna Daniloska, Becca Turner, James Adams, Maria Schulze, Nick Howlett, Alex Smith, Robert Gurney, Ben Cooper, Victor Rodin, and James Mithen.

A gre 2013 members oup photo of thof the Soft Matter Group