Student exchanges at Surrey

International exchange

Nearly all undergraduate students at Surrey have the opportunity of spending a semester or a year at one of our world-wide partners.  Where you can go depends on your degree programme. 

Some students are able to go in their second year, replacing a semester or year of studies.  Others go in their third year as part of their professional training.  

Physics, Maths, Biosciences, Economics, Tourism & Hospitality, Business School students, Engineering and Sociology (only to Maryland) can go in the second year.

Languages, English Literature, Liberal Arts, Sociology, Criminology, Media, Politics, Theatre, Dance and Digital Media, Major/Minors go in their placement year to study.

Applications are made once a year with a deadline of 4th February.

Student Visas and passports 

Students who are going on an international exchange will generally need to obtain a visa. It is your responsibility to find out what visa you need and how you apply.

Visa rules vary from country to country and you should check the embassy website to see what visa you will need. Talks on applying for visas takes place in March each year.  Watch out for dates here and via your Department/School.  The following is for guidance only.

Ensure your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months longer than your intended stay, for example if you are going for a full year you will need 18 months validity on your passport. If you are even close to these figures you should apply for a new passport as soon as possible.

You may need a biometric passport, and so if you have an older non-biometric passport you should check the requirements of the country you are visiting.

Further information about visas can be found on the online 'Tick off to Take off' tutorial once you have been selected for an exchange.

Student experiences

Jimi Ashford - Melbourne, Australia

"I completed my exchange semester at Swinburne University of Technology in the Melbourne."

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Jean-Stanislas Bertheol - Hong Kong

"Hong Kong was a real gift. Not only did I celebrate my birthday there but I did so with new found friends from all over the world."

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Alex Fletcher - University of North Texas, USA

"Living and studying in another country has been the best experience of my life."

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Caitlin Griffin - University of Central Florida, USA

"Studying at University of Central Florida is the most valuable experience I have."

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Wednesday Moore - North Carolina State University, USA

"I went on exchange to NCSU; I made some incredible friends, that became like a second family during my time there."

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Laura Bichisao - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"We explored different temples, China town, Little India and other extraordinary places."

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Kumar Tejas - NC State University, USA

"I studied in United States of America for a semester in NC State University. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity as I gained a lot of exposure and worked a lot on my personal growth."

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Alisa Kurtcenovskaia - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"My exchange semester in Hong Kong has been one of the most rich and amazing experiences in my life."

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Ivan Spooner - University of Wellington, New Zealand

"I would highly recommend going on exchange to New Zealand (or anywhere!), as you will meet many amazing people, and create many more amazing memories with them."

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Elodie Smith - La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

"From the breath-taking views in the Grampians to Philipp Island, full of tiny penguins passing by beautiful surf beaches, you don’t remember what boredom is."

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Laura Parkinson - University of Queensland, Australia

"My time in Australia was one of the best experiences of my life, not only did I learn lots through my studies and about other cultures, I also learnt a lot about myself as a person."

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Sydney Carnes - University of Sydney, Australia

"For anyone who is thinking about studying abroad—do it. Explore new places, learn about new cultures, and let your mind grow."

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