Funding opportunities

Our students can receive international mobility grants and scholarships to enable access to a wide range of activities, including student exchanges, professional training year experiences abroad, postgraduate research placements, clinical nursing placements, veterinary EMS placements, summer programmes, recent graduate internships, and much more.

Turing scheme

The Turing Scheme is the UK Government’s global programme for study and work abroad. 

With Turing funding, Surrey aims to increase the number of students from under-represented groups undertaking an international experience.

The Turing scheme will run alongside the Erasmus+ programme, which remains active until 31 May 2023.

Activities funded 

Grants are available to support placements of between four weeks to 12-months. Students will receive funding for the following activities:

Visit the Turing Scheme website 


Successful first year of Turing funding for Surrey

In its first year, the Turing Scheme supported 276 mobilities across the globe. Students at all levels of study were funded to complete study exchanges, work placements and summer programmes at our partner institutions and placement providers internationally.

Participant feedback highlighted the broad range of skills which students developed and how they felt their experiences abroad boosted their employability.  Activities participants engaged in have allowed them to become more globally-minded, confident and resilient, enabling them to think differently and critically, and make a real impact on society.  This is reflected in their qualitative feedback comments. 90% of students feel more confident to network with international peers. 83% feel more committed to their studies.  90% feel confident in their ability to achieve a good degree.  96% feel confident in articulating their experiences abroad and skills gained.

We successfully secured funding for the second year of the Turing Scheme for students going abroad between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2023, to fund placements from 28 days to 12 months.  


Erasmus+ grants are available for students who undertake either a period of study and/or a period of work abroad in Europe. The period abroad must be a minimum of two months for work and three months for study and a maximum of an academic year (for study) or 12 months (for work). 

Please note: Erasmus+ funding is secured until 31 May 2023. 

How it works

For unpaid work placements this can be 30 weeks to meet professional training requirements. A student may have multiple mobilities to different host institutions in the same or different countries, as follows:

  • Undergraduate: up to 12 months divided into study and/or work, with a minimum of 3 months study and 2 months work.
  • Postgraduate: up to 12 months divided into study and/or work, with a minimum of 3 months study and 2 months work.
  • Doctoral level: up to 12 months divided into study and/or work, with a minimum of 3 months study and 2 months work.

Students can therefore carry out two or more Erasmus+ mobilities at each level of study. It is possible to be funded for two consecutive periods of study or work, provided these meet the course requirements, and you can study abroad in one year and do a work placement the next year if your course allows that, but the maximum amount of funding you can receive as an undergraduate is for 12 months.  

You can then receive another 12 months as a Masters or PhD student. Recent graduates are classified on the basis of their completed degree.

Available scholarships