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Alexandros Fourtoulakis

Alexandros Fourtoulakis

"I feel really well-prepared for my future career."


Renewable Energy Systems Engineering MSc

"I studied my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece. I’m now taking an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering within Surrey’s Department of Chemical and Process Engineering. I was impressed by the fact that Surrey’s considered one of the best universities in the UK, and liked the fact the campus was so close to London too.

I’ve always been interested in trying to improve the way we use our supplies and plan ahead for the future. In my eyes, energy generation, together with sustainable development, is a major international issue.

Our planet’s in a critical state, and we need to change the way we treat it, and take serious action when it comes to how we use energy.

My supervisors are willing to help me in any issue and the lecturers broaden your knowledge on engineering matters and trigger interest in the subject. The facilities at the Department are great, with enough space for all students, and the chemical laboratories are safe and an ideal place to carry out academic research.

If I had to pick a favourite module, I’d have to choose ‘Optimisation and Decision-Making’, because it developed my understanding of improving process system business models. All of the modules on my postgraduate programme were useful though – they built up my overall knowledge base of the subject.

As a Student Academic Representative, I’ve met the University’s Vice-Chancellor, and discussed upcoming matters with him. Knowing that everyone in the University cares about students’ views motivates me to work harder in my role. Acting as a representative enables me to be the voice of all students not just in the Department, but in the Faculty too.

I feel really well-prepared for my future career. After my MSc, my dream is to take up a post in the renewable energy sector."


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