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Anna Lucia Pungs

"Surrey has a lot of different experiences to offer, including different sports and societies. All around it's been a good academic and personal experience."


Biomedical Engineering

"I chose Surrey for my undergraduate degree for a few reasons: I had received positive feedback from previous students and my family and the University was highly ranked in the league tables, overall and for chemical engineering.

In my final year, I had the option to apply for a Masters and as I had great experiences here, I chose to stay.

After studying chemical engineering for three years, I decided to change my area of study - I have always enjoyed medicine and biology, and because I had a degree in engineering, Biomedical Engineering seemed like a very good choice.

I have always been very interested in the field of medicine, and this course allows me to mix my knowledge of engineering and medicine together. Through my dissertation I hope to gain knowledge which will be useful in addressing some of the current issues with drug testing and diseases, as well as help to investigate the developing field of artificial organs. 

The classes are extremely interesting and I am able to broaden my knowledge of the different topics in the modules provided. We are a very tight knit group of students and people are very supportive and helpful.

The lecturers are very attentive and always willing to help, always ready to assist us if we need additional support outside of the lectures. The facilities are very good and modern and aid the learning experience by providing practical lessons.

I would really recommend the programme, especially for people that are coming from an engineering background and would like to pursue a medical career.

"I love exercising, so the Sports Park is definitely one of my favourite parts of Guildford. The University lake is incredible, and it provides a beautiful place to hang out on sunny days."


This is my third year living in the accommodation provided by the university and I really like it. As an international student, I always enjoyed the fact that you are able to meet new people from different cultures.

I definitely think I have changed for the better since I came here, especially with growing up. Moving here after high school was the first time that I had to live by myself, so I learned a lot about responsibility.

Surrey has a lot of different experiences to offer, including different sports and societies. All around it's been a good academic and personal experience."


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