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Clement Ibeh, MEng Chemical Engineering student at the University of Surrey

Clement Ibeh

"Later this semester, we'll get the chance to run the new pilot process plant for a whole week. This opportunity is something that’s unique to Surrey."


Chemical Engineering MEng

"My two main reasons for coming to Surrey were the University’s good reputation for chemical engineering and its excellent sports facilities. I got into parkour, or ‘free running’, just before sixth form and have been practising it ever since. At Surrey there are some great places to train on campus – around the library is a really good spot!

I’m in Year 3 of my MEng Chemical Engineering, which is an intensive degree, but I find that doing parkour and other sports definitely helps me with my studies. Keeping active helps to clear your mind and gives you a real break from working. I play football for the chemical engineering and Arab society football teams at the Surrey Sports Park, and have also played netball and dodgeball since coming to Surrey.

I was inspired to study chemical engineering during my A-levels, when I always had a lot of questions for my teachers, particularly in thermodynamics and kinetics in chemistry. When I looked into chemical engineering I found that these were two of the main topics covered. I also liked the idea of applying what I learned, so chemical engineering was the natural choice for me.

"One of the upsides of the course for me is the large proportion of group work. This means you get to know a lot of people, improve your communication skills and build bonds with your fellow students, and that’s really enjoyable."


Learning about techniques is fine, but putting them into practice and finding out how they contribute to the overall process is vital. Later this semester us third year students will get the chance to run the new pilot process plant for a whole week. This opportunity is something that’s quite unique to Surrey.

Chemical engineering challenges your creativity. That may sound odd considering it’s a science, but a lot of the time you’re trying to visualise things you can’t actually see. You need a bit of creativity to be able to imagine models and try to predict behaviour.


I haven’t yet decided what I will do when I graduate – I’m still learning about the areas that most interest me. Rather than working in the oil and gas industry, however, I’m thinking instead about a role in the energy, water treatment or pharmaceutical sectors.

In my opinion the best thing about Surrey is the people. I’ve met some great people here, not just on my course, but also in my accommodation (I’m currently in student halls at Stag Hill Court) and by being part of different societies. There’s a great atmosphere which helps you to settle in quickly, focus on your studies, and enjoy everything Surrey offers."

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