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Dr Martha Wrigley

Dr Martha J Wrigley

Dr Wrigley, Visiting Senior Fellow at the University of Surrey, explains how a PhD in Health Sciences has boosted her career.


Health Sciences

"When I was in my twenties, I never have imagined that I would get a degree. I amazed myself by getting a first, and enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to carry on. One of my tutors suggested I went straight for an MPhil / PhD. 

"I loved the studying and learning, and I had nothing to lost and everything to gain, so I applied. At first, I thought it would take about four or five years. In the end, it took me eight years to complete my thesis.

This was due to many reasons, including changing universities, applying for funding and the length of time it took to actually do my study.  But it was great fun and certainly stimulating, challenging at times, and very satisfying. With any big achievement you have in life, it is part of you for life - no one can take it away. 

"My PhD thesis is one of my biggest achievements. Having completed it, many doors and opportunities have opened for me. I'm still working at Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, but the diversity of work has changed, my opportunities have increased and my choices and horizons expanded. I love being able to say, ‘I am a nurse with a PhD, a real doctor.’ A PhD takes time, it takes commitment, but if you are lucky to choose your own area of study, as most nurses are, the opportunities available to you are limitless."

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