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Felicia Frances

Felicia Frances

Felicia, from Indonesia, undertook Surrey’s International Foundation Year before starting her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science. Currently on her Professional Training placement year, she shares her memories from her first two years at Surrey.


Food Science and Nutrition

“I chose to come to Surrey because of its reputation as one of the top 10 UK universities for nutrition and food science.

The course requires quite a lot of reading and laboratory work, but it’s fun and challenging. I enjoy learning about the processes involved in making food products before they are released to market.

The library is my favourite place to go when I have coursework and exams. It has lots of resources, both books and online.

The lab assistants are very helpful during laboratory sessions and are able to answer any questions regarding the experiments.

I lived in halls during the first year and it was a brilliant experience. I lived with 13 flat mates and they helped me to adapt and get used to the environment. As an international student, I had a good time meeting new people and making new friends.

This year I will be on my Professional Training placement year assisting with research at Leatherhead Food Research. I would definitely recommend a Professional Training placement year, as it enables you to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt in practice and prepares you for work after graduation.

Since starting at Surrey I have changed a lot, especially my perspective on food. My academic writing skills have also improved.  When I graduate, I would like to work in famous food company or food retailer such as Unilever as part of the new product development team." 

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