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Millie Johns

"My best moment at Surrey so far was when I delivered my first baby. There is no feeling like it and I would never have had that opportunity if it wasn’t for Surrey."


Midwifery (Registered Midwife)

"I looked around the University of Surrey with my school at the age of 16 on an educational trip and immediately felt at ease. Surrey has this lovely feel to it that just made me feel at home, which was important to me as I would be away from my family.

I had high expectations and Surrey met every single one of them.

I attended an open day before applying and again felt the same. Along with Surrey being number one in the league table for midwifery, this confirmed my choice. Everyone from the ‘Surrey Angels’ who helped us find our way around, to the course application leaders who advised me on how to be short-listed for the degree, were so welcoming and friendly. Current midwifery students greatly reduced my stresses about interviews and spoke about Surrey so highly I was determined to be like them.

My first impression of the Surrey campus was that it was bright, friendly, calming, pleasant and scenic.

I work in the Royal Surrey University Hospital and work in placement sections throughout each academic year. The aspect of my course I enjoy the most is being on placement and getting stuck in with everything you learn about at University. Being able to work alongside experienced midwives in partnership is so rewarding and you are always made to feel important. I love working with my mentors and making a difference to the women we look after by giving them outstanding care. I love being part of a multi-disciplinary team and we have lectures with paramedics, adult nurses and child nurses too, which not only expands friendship groups but it helps you to get used to working in a team. 

The academic staff on my course are amazing at supporting us as a cohort and individually.

My personal tutor has been amazing in offering me advice and helping me with my assignments. Our facilities are exceptional and range from using the Sim Suite which consists of life-like dummies to practise emergency skills, to using foam arms to learn how to administer injections and safely take womens' blood. The range of books and articles we have access to via the Surrey online library allows essay writing to be much more possible. In addition we can meet our tutors and lecture’s whenever we feel stressed or need help. 

I lived in Manor Park accommodation in my first year and loved the fact I had a range of friends from various flats. Everyone makes friends so easily because you are all in the same situation being away from home. There is a perfect mixture of parties and social events but the campus is very good in making sure people get sleep especially around exam periods.

The campus security are excellent and you have house mentors that come once a week to make sure you are ok. 

I am part of the Midwifery Society which is only a year old. We have many socials which are great for meeting other student midwives. It is good that you can also join other society events and meet others, for example I did the Snowsports Society bar crawl event and made so many friends. 

Surrey has an amazing sports park which is near to the University. I have been a member of Surrey Sports Park for two years and they do discounts for students. The social life in Guildford is great as there’s always a buzz on most nights of the weeks and different places to suit everyone’s budgets. The transport in Guildford has been a life-saver for me as the buses are really reliable and annual passes are available. 

In the summer my friends and I take a picnic to the lake, turn the music on and soak up the sun. In the winter we sit in Starbucks or the Hillside Café and enjoy a good chat and a pre 9am lecture hashbrown. 

My best moment at Surrey so far was when I delivered my first baby.

There is no feeling like it and I would never have had that opportunity if it wasn’t for Surrey. I have definitely changed since starting at Surrey. I have learnt to become resilient and independent. I have learnt how to compromise and how important the balance is between work and a social life. I am much more grown-up and sensible, especially when it comes to budgeting. 

I have had the most unforgettable time at surrey so far and I never want it to end. I am so grateful to all the staff for getting me to where I am today. I have memories I will cherish forever and have made lifelong friends."


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