Student profile
Pamela Farshim Developmental Neuropharmacology PhD

Pamela Farshim

"My aim is to complete my PhD and have at least one major publication in a high impact journal. My next step is to find a suitable post-doctoral position in the field and to continue pursuing a career in research, with the ultimate plan of securing a lectureship position in the future."

"I am working within the Sleep, Chronobiology & Addiction research group here at Surrey, and my work is particularly focused on the development of the central nervous system during a short period after birth and how vulnerable our brain – and other organs which communicate with the brain – may be to external factors such as diet and stress. I am assessing areas of the brain that are involved in causing anxiety, depression and autistic disorders.

The University offers a variety of useful training and advice sessions, including support with submitting scientific papers or reviews and help with writing theses. There are opportunities to attend and present at departmental, national and international conferences which are extremely helpful for communicating up-to-date research findings, listening to feedback from others in the field and networking."

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