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Paulo-Valente Klain

Paulo Valente Klaine

"The combination of my passion for this area, together with the chance to work at a world-class centre with some amazing researchers, led me to choose the Mobile Communications MSc programme."


Mobile Communications Systems

"My undergraduate degree in electronic engineering, studied in Brazil, introduced me to many different concepts and areas of engineering, but the area that particularly interested me was mobile communications. This is a field which is always developing. The ability to connect people, devices and machines around the world, and to develop new ideas to produce better technology and provide a better quality of life is what motivates me.

I chose to come to Surrey for my MSc because of its huge importance in the field of mobile communications and the opportunity to be part of the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC). The combination of my passion for the area of future communications, together with the chance to work at a world-class centre with some amazing researchers, led me to choose the Mobile Communications Systems MSc programme.

I found that the academic staff in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering were very knowledgeable. They explained their subjects well and, whenever possible, would give examples related to real applications. The classes were a great opportunity not only to develop theoretical knowledge, but also to learn about current research and real projects. While all the modules were important in building the knowledge I’d need to conduct my research, I found that the most interesting part of the course was definitely the opportunity of doing a project related to 5G systems.

From a personal point of view, the experience of meeting new people from around the world and making new friends was also incredible. The location of the Surrey campus in Guildford offers a combination of peacefulness with the wide range of activities the city offers. The environment enables you to study and concentrate on exams, but also to relax and enjoy good times with friends.

Following my Masters course I decided to further continue my studies with a PhD, and chose to stay at Surrey because of the amazing experience I had during my MSc. I’m now pursuing a PhD in mobile communications in Surrey’s 5GIC, working with leading researchers to help develop and define the next generation of communications systems."

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