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Tim Dawkins, Surrey MBA

Tim Dawkins

" a consultant it’s been great to build a more rounded toolkit to apply when assessing new markets and opportunities."


Master of Business Administration MBA

Entry year


Tim Dawkins, Autonomous Car Specialist, shares his experiences studying for an MBA. 

Why did you choose an MBA at The University of Surrey?

The Surrey MBA really stood out to me in its relevance to the changing world of modern business. Coming from the autonomous vehicle sector, I was looking for a program which tracks closely the impact of the rapidly shifting technology landscape and its impact on various domains of business; from supply chains to finance.

The connections with the Business School’s Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE) and the 5G research centre are great examples of how MBA students here can get involved with disruptive technologies throughout their time here at Surrey Business School.

How do you plan to implement what you learned in class at work?

The biggest impact that I think this MBA will have on my future work is it has enabled me to take a much deeper consideration of interconnected factors when making strategic decisions; as a consultant it’s been great to build a more rounded toolkit to apply when assessing new markets and opportunities, a skillset that was really reinforced by our Strategy and Marketing modules.

What is the most useful skill you have learned during your time on the MBA programme so far?

Every module has had a considerable element of group work, and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to learn how to combine each team member’s diverse background, past experiences and expertise to deliver a great project – a vital skill in a global workplace. The pace of this program enables you to iterate and refine this process in a range of different settings and project types.

What new opportunities have you gained being in Surrey?

Surrey has already provided me with the opportunity to explore a range of connections with high-caliber companies for projects or networking alongside the MBA. Additionally, I’m looking forward to the further benefits of accessing the great Alumni network from Surrey Business School in years to come.