Robotics and control labs

The Robotics and Control research group focuses on the below research themes. For more information on individual projects, publications, collaborations, and availability of equipment, please contact Mini C. Saaj.

Autonomous Systems Lab

  • Wheeled and legged micro-rovers
  • Single wheel, leg & hybrid wheel-leg test rigs
  • Characterised planetary soil simulants
  • Terrain sensing equipment for detection of sub-surface hazards
  • Testbeds for rover terrain interaction studies
  • Manipulation devices for sample acquisition and transfer
  • Six Qualysis motion capture system for 3D motion tracking.
Autonomous Systems Lab

Medical Robotics Lab

  • Soft continuum robots for minimally invasive surgery
  • Mitsubishi MELFA RV-1A 6DOF robot arm
  • Three Vicon motion tracking systems
  • Aurora sensor, OptoForce 3D force/torque sensors, ATI Nano 17 force/torque sensors,
  • Integration platform supported by ROS, Python, C++ and Matlab real-time environment.
Medical Robotics Lab