Shock and impact test facility

This facility is able to simulate mechanical shock events, which are transient mechanical loading with a very short duration, from 50 μs to 20ms, high frequency content, f>1 kHz, and high amplitude, occurring in different phases of space mission such as launch, solar arrays development and launcher stage separation.

These loads can be dangerous on high sensitivity components such as optical devices and electronics causing electronic malfunctioning, fractures on the material and, in general, performance degradation of the component.

The facility can generate mid-field shocks up to accelerations of 3000g in time domain. Input SRS can be tuned by varying the configuration according to the requirements. A double configuration is possible in order to generate In plane and Out of Plane excitations, to meet typical specification used in the space industry.

For availability and information, contact Prof. G. Aglietti,

Shock test facility.