Surrey Space Centre

Robotics and Control Group

The Robotics and Control research group focuses on the below research themes. For more information on individual projects, publications and collaborations, please contact Mini C. Saaj.

Space robotics

  • System modelling and control of rigid manipulators for in-orbit construction of space structures, maintenance, repair and servicing of spacecraft and debris removal
  • Nature inspired innovative chassis design of mobile robots, mobility and traction control of wheeled, legged & hybrid rovers
  • Design of penetrometer and soil sensors for rover wheel-terrain interaction studies

Control engineering

  • Design of H-infinity Controller, Model Predictive Controller, Sliding Mode Controller, Adaptive PID Controller & Optimal Controller for advanced space systems and terrestrial robotic systems
  • System Identification and Linear Parameter Varying models of space systems and terrestrial robotic systems
  • Human-robot interaction and multi-agent coordinated control of ground and aerial vehicles

Systems engineering

  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for complex Space missions
  • Specialising in architectural, parametric, behavioural modelling & formal verification using Systems Modelling Language
  • Requirements engineering and integrated product lifecycle management using MBSE

Exploring spin-out of Space Robotic technology for the following terrestrial applications:

1. Medical robotics

  • Mechanism design, modelling & control of flexible soft continuum robots for minimally invasive surgery 
  • Design & control of robotic medical devices such as the flexible uterine elevator

2. Robots for harsh enviroments

Nuclear Power Plants, Deep mining & Sub-sea applications such as remote inspection, maintenance etc.

Selected robotic systems

Images courtesy EU FP7 FASTER Project.

In-house characterised martian soil simulants.

Nature inspired walking robots.

Image courtesy EU FP7 STIFF-FLOP project.