Robotics and Control Group

Teleoperated and semi/autonomous micro-rovers and robotic manipulators for extreme and harsh environments on Earth and in Space are designed in our labs. We are fully equipped to do in-house fabrication, integration and testing of a range of robotic systems in an Earth analogue setup for our Space projects.

Autonomous Systems Lab

  • Wheeled and legged micro-rovers
  • Single wheel, leg & hybrid wheel-leg test rigs
  • Characterised planetary soil simulants
  • Terrain sensing equipment for detection of sub-surface hazards
  • Testbeds for rover terrain interaction studies
  • Manipulation devices for sample acquisition and transfer
  • Six Qualysis motion capture system for 3D motion tracking

For availability and information, contact Dr. Mini C. Saaj.

autonomous systems lab
Autonomous Systems Lab

Medical Robotics Lab

  • Soft continuum robots for minimally invasive surgery
  • Mitsubishi MELFA RV-1A 6DOF robot arm
  • Three Vicon motion tracking systems
  • Aurora sensor, OptoForce 3D force/torque sensors, ATI Nano 17 force/torque sensors,
  • Integration platform supported by ROS, Python, C++ and Matlab real-time environment.

For availability and information, contact Dr. Mini C. Saaj.

Medical Robotics Lab
Medical Robotics Lab

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