Travel and transport

We are committed to help people work, study and commute in a smarter way in order to secure a sustainable future for the University within Guildford. Flexible working policies, event transport planning and the introduction of sustainable alternatives like pool vehicles and bikes are just a few examples of how we are making this happen.

Travel plan

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Key successes

  • An increase in the number of staff and student bus users – up over 25 per cent between 2014 and 2018.
  • The introduction of a night bus service for the University and north-west Guildford that has been championed by the student population, Guildford Borough Council and local residents.
  • New developments on campus and at Manor Park have created an additional 350 jobs while the proportion of staff who drive has remained broadly consistent between 42 and 48 per cent.
  • The introduction of staff and student car clubs at each site.

Embracing greener travel and transport solutions

Find out about our work we are doing and the benefits of choosing sustainable transport.

Travel Plan 2018-22

The Travel Plan 2018-22 sets the necessary objectives, measures and targets we aim to meet by 2022.

Main objectives include:

  • Creating a cost neutral operation that meets all legal requirements
  • Encouraging a shift in mode of transport
  • Engendering personal responsibility
  • Working in partnership with others
  • Ensuring a smooth operation
  • Providing the best transport experience.

Read the full Travel Plan 2018-22 (PDF).


Management, marketing and monitoring of the Travel Plan 2018-22 is the responsibility of the University Transport Team, which collaborates closely with staff and students. Progress against the plan is reported at Transport and Travel Working Group's quarterly meeting.

To find out more about our various working groups, please see our governance page.