Paper Prize Nominees

Congratulations to the following papers submitted to TAROS-2017 which have been nominated by the International Program Committee (IPC) based on the peer-review results:

Nominees for Best Paper Prize sponsored by Springer

  • Junshen Chen, Marc Glover, Chenguang Yang, Chunxu Li and Zhijun Li. Development of an Immersive Interface for Robot Teleoperation
  • Jens Lundell, Murtaza Hazara and Ville Kyrki. Generalizing Movement Primitives to New Situations
  • Ali Narenji Sheshkalani, Ramtin Khosravi and Mayssam Mohammadi. Verification of Visibility-Based Properties on Multiple Moving Robots
  • Alan Winfield and Marina Jirotka. The Case for an Ethical Black Box
  • Stefan Schubert, Peer Neubert and Peter Protzel. Towards camera based navigation in 3D maps by synthesizing depth images

Nominees for Best Student Paper Prize in memory of Professor Ulrich Nehmzow

  • Tom Bridgwater, Alan Winfield and Tony Pipe. Reactive Virtual Forces for Heterogeneous Swarm Exploration and Mapping
  • Pedro Proença and Yang Gao. Probabilistic Combination of Noisy Points and Planes for RGB-D Odometry
  • James O'Keeffe, Danesh Tarapore, Alan Millard and Jon Timmis. Towards Fault Diagnosis in Swarm Robotic Systems via Characterisation of Robot Behaviour 

Nominees for Best Poster Prize sponsored by UK-RAS Network

  • Erwin Lopez, Guido Herrmann and Ute Leonards. Drivers' Manoeuvre Classification for Safe HRI
  • Josie Hughes and Fumiya Iida. 3D Printed Sensorized Soft Robotic Manipulator Design

The IPC’s Award Panel will further evaluate the presentations given by the shortlisted candidates during the conference and announce the winners at the Award Ceremony.