Information to read and consider before you apply for accommodation at the University of Surrey.

Before you apply

If you wish to apply, please make sure you read through the following before making your application for accommodation, since they form an important part of your contract with the University.

Allocation documents

The accommodation allocation document is reviewed annually in cooperation with the Student's Union and agreed by the Executive Board. The Accommodation Office follows the allocation document to process all applications. The document outlines who is eligible for accommodation, deadlines and priorities in allocation. Please find out more about our Allocation document and Processes or read the relevant policies listed below. 

Conditions of Residence

If you accept an offer for accommodation with the University, you are also agreeing to the Conditions of Residence. These include your responsibilities within the residences as well as what level of service you can expect. Make sure that you read and understand all our conditions of residence which can be found in the Residents Guide.

Specific accommodation requirements

If you have a medical condition, financial situation or if you have a preference for a quiet or alcohol-free environment which means you have a need for specific accommodation, please read the information on Specific Accommodation Requirements. In your application you will also find a section for special requirements which you may complete with details of your requirements.

Insurance, clearing and adjustment students 2021/22

For more information on insurance options for accommodation, clearing and adjustment, please visit our student applicants page.

    How and when to apply

    Once you have read the information in the 'Before you apply' section and you are ready to apply for Surrey accommodation, follow the links below to find out how to do so:

    Next steps

    More information on the application process.

    • You can log in and check your room preferences at any time
    • It is advisable to log back in and check once to be sure that all your preferences have been saved. If you have successfully entered room preferences on the application system you will receive an email within five hours confirming the choices you have made. Please note that you are unable to change your preference online, if you decide that you want to change your preferences please email us at and we can change them for you (please note that if you request changes you will not be able to see them)
    • If you do not get this email, please log back in and check that your preferences appear. If they do not, please re-enter them and make sure you click the ‘Continue’ button on each page
    • You will receive an email detailing your room offer if you have been successful in your application
    • Once you receive a room offer you will need to make the Advance Rent Payment of £250 and accept on-line to secure your booking.

    If you have recently made the University of Surrey your firm choice, it may take up to 72 hours for your details to come through the system. Please try again after leaving enough time. 

    Ensure that you are using your University ID number (a seven digit number beginning with a six) and that you delete your browsing history before you try to log in again, in order to refresh the system. Additionally, if you are using a tablet, please use a computer instead, as tablets can be unresponsive with our system.

    If you continue to experience issues logging in, please get in touch with Accommodation Services.

    If you are applying for accommodation starting in September, you will receive a room offer approximately by the end of August.

    At any other time of the year, it may take up to 10 working days to receive an outcome.

    No, at Surrey we do not request a deposit. 

    Once you receive a room offer you will need to make an Advance Rent Payment of £250 and accept on-line to secure your booking. The Advance Rent Payment will get deducted from your first instalment.

    If you have any problems please contact

    The online induction will be available from Friday 4 September at 9 am, once completed you will be able to book your moving-in date and time as well as receive your full address.  When the induction launches, please go to to complete your e-Induction.

    Our rooms are in use most of the time throughout the year, so we cannot guarantee that your allocated accommodation will be available before the start date on your allocation letter.

    Read more about how to prepare for your arrival.

    We are unable to house all students in campus accommodation. If you are do not get campus accommodation you are advised to explore the private sector.

    Please contact the University of Surrey Lettings (USL) team for more information on private housing in Guildford. 

    You apply for accommodation at any time of the year including for second semester. Please bear in mind that due to limited availability we cannot not guaranteed accommodation. 

    Request to live with friends can only be taken for Band A - shared rooms or a standard single rooms in a two bedroom flat (stand1) although this is subject to availability.