Information to read and consider before you apply for accommodation at the University of Surrey.

Before you apply

If you wish to apply, please make sure you read through the following before making your application for accommodation, since they form an important part of your contract with the University.

Allocation process

The accommodation allocation document is reviewed annually in cooperation with the Student's Union and agreed by the Executive Board. The Accommodation Office follows the allocation document to process all applications. The document outlines who is eligible for accommodation, deadlines and priorities in allocation.

Find out more about our allocation document and processes.

Conditions of residence

If you accept an offer for accommodation with the University, you are also agreeing to the Conditions of Residence. These include your responsibilities within the residences as well as what level of service you can expect. 

Specific accommodation requirements

If you have a medical condition, financial situation or if you have a preference for a quiet or alcohol-free environment which means you have a need for specific accommodation, please read the information on specific accommodation requirements. In your application you will also find a section for special requirements which you may complete with details of your requirements.

Insurance, clearing and adjustment students 2022/23

New undergraduate students who hold the University of Surrey as their insurance choice or apply through clearing will be guaranteed accommodation, provided they apply by 25 August 2022 and have met their formal academic offer by 28 August 2022. Applications for this group will open in line with A-level results day.

    How and when to apply

    Once you have read the information in the 'before you apply' section above you are ready to apply for Surrey accommodation.

    After you have applied

    You can login and check your room preferences at any time.

    It is advisable to log back in and check once to be sure that all your preferences have been saved. If you have successfully entered room preferences on the application system you will receive an email within five hours confirming the choices you have made. If you do not get this email, please log back in and check that your preferences appear. If they do not, please re-enter them and make sure you click the ‘continue’ button on each page.

    Please note that you are unable to change your preference online, if you decide that you want to change your preferences please email us at and we can change them for you (if you request changes you will not be able to see them online).

    You will receive an email detailing your room offer if you have been successful in your application and will need to make the advance rent payment of £250 and accept online to secure your booking.

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