Our Institute is an example of ‘under one roof’ multidisciplinary research, housing some 160 researchers made up of engineers, physicists, materials scientists, biologists and chemists. Approximately half of these researchers are PhD students who will drive the next generation of innovation and technology.

Our history

Our Institute was formed in 2002 to create a one-stop research facility housing all of the University of Surrey activities in materials and devices for future electronics and photonics.

Major facilities in fabrication and characterisation of electronic devices, previously dispersed around the University, were co-located, substantially enhanced, and complemented by new capabilities notably in nanoscale fabrication, plastic electronics, nanobiology and biomedical sensors, and modelling.

Our strategy is based on having selective and focussed programmes of research, each of critical mass, which embrace in their investigations the full spectrum of fundamental science through to applied engineering.

From our contributions to the design of the first strain layer laser in the mid-80s to rapid thermal annealing and production of SIMOX for semiconductors in the 90s to nano-materials and nano-technologies in the last decade; our researchers have been at the forefront in helping to solve some of the most challenging problems in industry today.

Our mission

We develop fundamental science through to advanced technologies and nurture next-generation leaders through a versatile and collaborative approach within critical mass teams.

Our research is addressing the following grand challenges:

  1. Can we control materials processes at the level of electrons and what comes next?
  2. Can we design and perfect atom- and energy-efficient synthesis of revolutionary new forms of matter with tailored properties?
  3. Can we master energy and information on the nanoscale to create new technologies with capabilities rivalling living things?
  4. How do we characterise and control matter away, especially very far away, from equilibrium?

Selected highlights

Over the years we have celebrated some notable events: